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True Freedom

Experience the thrill of a new ride with the bike that can truly take you anywhere. With massive power and a quiet electric motor, you can feel the adrenaline rush without disrupting your surroundings. Go where the other bikes can’t. No noise, no fumes, no boundaries.

Freerider features

The Freerider gives you the ability to adjust the power, height, and wheel base to suit your ideal needs. Customize your perfect fit and ride off in comfort.


Unparalleled power to weight ratio, ultra-responsive acceleration, and nimble enough to get through the toughest terrain. Our proprietary hi-tech components and parameters coupled with industry leading parts puts us in a league of our own.

ADULTS & TEENAGERS 55 KMH 36 kg 1h Riding 2.5h Charging

Kuberg Freerider 20 inch front wheel. Kuberg Freerider 24 inch front wheel. Kuberg Freerider with RST fork.
4 kW Power - 4 kW
12 kW Power - 12 kW
Power 8 kW Power - 8 kW
180 mm
Fork - RST 180 mm
Fork Manitou Dorado
203 mm
Fork - Manitou Dorado 203 mm
Tires - Standard 20"/20"
Tires Upgrade
Tires - Upgrade 24"/20"

Hi-tech components & parameters

Top spec, truly tough components. Proprietary parts or the best available today, from treads to grips.

Wheels & Tires

20" x 2.5"Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires on a 48.5"(123cm) wheelbase. The bigger tires provide greater stability and a versatile thread ensures solid traction on multiple terrains.

Wheelbase: 48.5” | 123 cm

Wheels & Tires

Get to the heart
of your bike

The Kuberg Volt App is an entire motorcycle toolkit inside your pocket. Use the app to talk to your bike and relay pertinent information in real time. Available for iOS and Android.

Pair Your Phone With Your Bike

Connect the Streamport adapter to Base Control and enable Wi-Fi capabilities. Use the Streamport to unleash the Kuberg Volt App’s functionalities. (Streamport adapter is sold separately.)

Use Your Phone as A Speedometer

Keep track of your speed and battery life. Attach your phone to the handlebars and use it as a speedometer while keeping an eye on how much battery life remains.

Update Your Bike’s Firmware

Stay up-to-date with automatic firmware updates. With continually improving software, you’ll always get the most out of your bike.

Monitor Riding Stats

Time your laps to measure and compare your progress. Share your rides, routes, and statistics.

Set Top Speed and Maximum Torque

Adjust the bike’s speed and torque to match your or your child’s level of comfort. Password protect the settings to prevent your child from changing them.

Set a Riding Perimeter

Limit how far your child can ride by setting a perimeter. Traveling beyond the perimeter will slow the bike to its lowest speed alerting your child that it’s time to turn back.


Connect the Streamport adapter to Base Control and enable Wi-Fi capabilities. Use the Streamport to unleash the Kuberg Volt App’s functionalities.

Streamport adapter sold separately

Not available for the Freerider 1st Edition.

Detailed Specifications

The nuts and bolts of it all.

Input Standard 110V or 220V
Transmission Clutchless one speed
Final Drive 80T / 10T, chain 219H
Frame Steel double cradle tube frame, powder-coated
Wheelbase 48.5" (123 cm)
Seat Height 34.5" (86 cm)
Handlebar Height 41.0" (104 cm)
Front and Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brake System Tektro Auriga
Brake Discs Hardened 203mm brake discs SBT 35 HRC 203mm
Brake Pads Sintered brake pads
Forks Manitou Dorado Expert 180mm with air pump
Shock Absorber DNM Burner RB-RCP
Tires 20" x 2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler
Carrying Capacity Maximum 220 pounds (100 kg)
Colors Black
Wifi WiFi ready - adapter sold separately

Support & Download

Get all the info you need to keep your FREERIDER bike running smoothly and keep your kid safe while riding.