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The Kuberg Racing Team

Kuberg Racing is proud to introduce our talented team of professional motocross racers. These young riders are pioneers in the world of motocross racing, battling the 50cc class bikes with electric power and innovation.

Paul Opolka

MX Rider

My full bio

Age 7
Team MOX-Racing Team
Experience 1 year
City Großostheim
Favourite bike Cross X-Force
Specialization MX Races

Paul Opolka was the very first rider in Germany to be licensed to compete on an electric bike. His passion for motocross started early at the age of 2. Growing up about a mile away from a motocross track, Paul spent every spare minute there watching the action. At age 5, he got his first MX bike and learned to ride before moving on to the Kuberg X-Force Pro50 the following year.

His hero is German supercross champion, Ken Roczen, who grew up near to his grandparents’ house. Whenever Paul visits them, he takes the opportunity to train on Roczen’s motocross track in Apolda. Paul’s dream is it to meet Roczen in person and to show him his electric bike.

Paul is looking to shake up the German racing scene this year on his Kuberg X-Force Pro50.

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Logan Bennett

MX Rider

My full bio

Age 9
Experience 3.5 years
City Poole Dorset
Favourite rider Ama Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey
Hobbies MX, MXGP on the Xbox, Skateboarding

Logan Bennett has been riding for 3 ½ years and is a great example of what hard work can achieve. He starting racing back in 2014 on a Yamaha PW50, finishing his first season 26th overall.

In 2015, Logan took what he learnt from his first year of racing, adapted to a bigger KTM SX50, and secured several top 6 finishes at Ringwood and Poole & Parkstone Motocross Clubs.

Since then, Logan’s maturity on the track continues to grow. His ever-growing trophy cabinet includes a 2nd overall finish at Ringwood Motocross Club’s Auto Youth Challenge this year.

He is determined to put the Kuberg X-Force Pro50 on the podium as he races the 8kw bike at various events across the UK. He says of the X-Force Pro50, “It’s really fast and I love it. It’s better than my KTM.”

Leon Thomas

MX Rider

My full bio

Age 6
Experience 2 Years
City Yeomill
Favourite rider World Enduro Champion Steve Holcomb
Hobbies MX, Watching and Reading About 2-Wheeled Sports

Although Leon is only 6 years old, he’s already been racing for 2 years. At age 5, he won his first Cornish Oset Cup. He has held the title since, competing on the Kuberg Trial E Hero to capture his second championship.

In 2017, Leon had some terrific results, finishing 4th in the Youth D South West Trials Championship and finished runner-up in the Welsh Championship. He’s been competing on tough courses that even adults struggle with. He plans on competing in more Youth D rounds in 2018.

Leon also competed at the GP World Trials held in Tong, where he came in 3rd place. Young Thomas has his sights set on the prize in 2018, as he looks forward to setting the world on fire with his new Kuberg Trial E Hero.

Leon has exceeded all expectations after being part of the Elec-trick Blitz Motocross coaching scheme. In September 2017, Leon competed in his first ever motocross race on the Kuberg X-Force Pro50 and cracked the Top Ten with his 10th place finish.

With a stacked calendar in 2018, Leon will be competing in select regional motocross races alongside his main focus in the trials competitions.

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Kieran Maunder

MX Rider

My full bio

Age 8
Experience 2 Seasons | Enduroland Race XC
City Portsmouth
Favourite rider Graham Jarvis & Jeffery Herlings
Hobbies Enduro & Motocross, Playing Xbox, Reading

Kieran started riding very early in life. He had his own YCF-50 by the age of 4. After practising for a couple of years, a friend encouraged him to start racing Enduros. In April of 2016, Kieran participated in his first race at the age of 6. He reached the second round of the Enduroland Race XC Series, finishing 5th overall.

In his first season, he scored a 3rd place victory and finished 5th overall in the Auto Class. In the 2017 Enduroland Championship, he went one better by finishing 4th overall in the Championship, plus a career best 2nd place finish during the fourth round.

Kieran is looking forward to 2018, where he will be the first ever youth rider to compete in Enduro and Enduro Cross Events on the Kuberg X-Force PRO 50. Kieran plans on putting his Kuberg on the top step of the podium during the Putoline Enduroland XC Youth Auto Championship.

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