Il Team Kuberg Racing

Kuberg Racing è orgogliosa di presentare il nostro talentuoso team di piloti professionisti di motocross. Questi giovani piloti sono pionieri nel mondo delle corse di motocross, combattendo le moto della classe 50cc con energia elettrica e innovazione.

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Età 5
Città Vrdy, Czech Republic
Motocicletta Preferita Cross X-Force Pro 50
Specializzazione MX RACES

Vojtech was enjoining racing on Kuberg Start since 2,5 year, then grown by Cross Hero and since 4,5 year racing on Cross X-Force.

He joints regional MX championship in Czech Republic and mainly racing for fun and with happiness winning.

His favorite SX hero is Eli Tomac and watch US SX races in TV regularly.

He is also looking forward to race with his younger brother in coming years and maybe also enjoy racing in national championships...

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Età 7
Team MOX-Racing Team
Esperienza 1 year
Città Großostheim
Motocicletta Preferita Cross X-Force
Specializzazione MX Races

Paul Opolka è stato il primo pilota in Germania ad essere autorizzato a gareggiare su una motocicletta elettrica. La sua passione per la motocross iniziò presto all'età di 2 anni. Crescendo a circa un miglio di distanza da una pista di motocross, Paul passò ogni minuto libero a guardare l'azione. All'età di 5 anni, ha avuto la sua prima moto MX e ha imparato a guidare prima di passare alla Kuberg X-Force Pro50 l'anno successivo.

Il suo eroe è il campione tedesco di supercross, Ken Roczen, cresciuto vicino alla casa dei nonni. Ogni volta che Paul li visita, approfitta dell'occasione per allenarsi sulla pista di motocross di Roczen ad Apolda. Il sogno di Paul è incontrare Roczen di persona e mostrargli la sua bici elettrica.

Paul sta cercando di scuotere la scena delle corse tedesche quest'anno sul suo Kuberg X-Force Pro50.

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Età 6
Esperienza 2 Years
Città Yeomill
Il Motociclista World Enduro Champion Steve Holcomb
Hobby MX, Watching and Reading About 2-Wheeled Sports

Although Leon is only 6 years old, he’s already been racing for 2 years. At age 5, he won his first Cornish Oset Cup. He has held the title since, competing on the Kuberg Trial E Hero to capture his second championship.

In 2017, Leon had some terrific results, finishing 4th in the Youth D South West Trials Championship and finished runner-up in the Welsh Championship. He’s been competing on tough courses that even adults struggle with. He plans on competing in more Youth D rounds in 2018.

Leon also competed at the GP World Trials held in Tong, where he came in 3rd place. Young Thomas has his sights set on the prize in 2018, as he looks forward to setting the world on fire with his new Kuberg Trial E Hero.

Leon has exceeded all expectations after being part of the Elec-trick Blitz Motocross coaching scheme. In September 2017, Leon competed in his first ever motocross race on the Kuberg X-Force Pro50 and cracked the Top Ten with his 10th place finish.

With a stacked calendar in 2018, Leon will be competing in select regional motocross races alongside his main focus in the trials competitions.

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Età 8
Esperienza 2 Seasons | Enduroland Race XC
Città Portsmouth
Il Motociclista Graham Jarvis & Jeffery Herlings
Hobby Enduro & Motocross, Playing Xbox, Reading

Kieran started riding very early in life. He had his own YCF-50 by the age of 4. After practising for a couple of years, a friend encouraged him to start racing Enduros. In April of 2016, Kieran participated in his first race at the age of 6. He reached the second round of the Enduroland Race XC Series, finishing 5th overall.

In his first season, he scored a 3rd place victory and finished 5th overall in the Auto Class. In the 2017 Enduroland Championship, he went one better by finishing 4th overall in the Championship, plus a career best 2nd place finish during the fourth round.

Kieran is looking forward to 2018, where he will be the first ever youth rider to compete in Enduro and Enduro Cross Events on the Kuberg X-Force PRO 50. Kieran plans on putting his Kuberg on the top step of the podium during the Putoline Enduroland XC Youth Auto Championship.

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Età 7
Esperienza 4 Years
Città Ramsau
Specializzazione Enduro / Cross
Motocicletta Preferita X-Force Pro 50

Samuel Greene has been crazy about bikes ever since he was a baby. He got his first running bike at just 1 ½ years old and his first electric bike before the age of 3. At the age of 4, he got his first Kuberg E-Trail bike. He loves to ride together with his mother and father. Samuel is currently racing on X-Force Pro 50 and is looking forward to scoring some victories in this year’s Junior Enduro Cup.

Here are a few of his accomplishments:

  • 2014: Youngest Participant at Hillclimb Race
  • 2014: 2nd Place at Skijöring Race
  • 2015: 2nd Place at Skijöring Race
  • 2016: Youngest Participant at Local Endure Race
  • 2017: 1st Participant at ADAC Cross Training with Electric Bike (KUBERG X-Force 50)
  • 2017: 5th Place at Hillclimb Race (KUBERG X-Force 50)

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Età 6
Esperienza 1 Year
Città Portsmouth
Il Motociclista Max Anstie & Shaun Simpson
Hobby Cycling, MX, Football

Dexter Prowse first started riding an MX bike at the age of 3. Dexter was granted an early MCF license at age 5 by submitting video footage of his riding skills to the federation. His first race was at the Wiltshire Cusses Gorse MX where he finished all three races while barely able to touch the ground.

Not liking the weight and noise of his first gas bike, he traded it for an electric Kuberg bike and hasn’t looked back ever since. After seeing Dexter test the X-Force Pro 50, his father stated, "I was blown away with the bikes and just how much torque they produce. The X-Force Pro50 is something else and I’m looking forward to see Dexter develop with the team in 2018."

Dexter plans to continue to compete on his Kuberg for all rounds of the Portsmouth & Ringwood Youth Auto Motocross Championship in 2018, as well as other selected national rounds.

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Età 6
Esperienza 1 Year
Città Southampton
Il Motociclista Ken Roczen & James Harrison
Hobby Motocross, PlayStation, Reading

Harry Gay started riding a motocross bike at the age of 2 and has never looked back. By the time he was 3, he was riding around on his own without assistance from his parents. He was granted an MCF license earlier than most when he was just 5 1/2 years old after an MCF assessment with Ringwood MXC.

Harry became a full member at Ringwood and continued to improve with each race. After his first season he was awarded “Auto Rider of the Year” by the club. In 2018, he attended the Elec-Trick Blitz MX Coaching School and his development was so impressive that he earned a spot on the Kuberg Racing Team.

Harry too to riding the X-Force Pro 50 like a duck to water and has continued to make strides on every consequent race. He holds numerous top 6 finishes, including 2nd place at the MX Masters Kids.

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Daniel Rosborough

Motocross Rider

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Età 7
Esperienza 1 Year
Città Stafford
Il Motociclista Joe Clayton
Hobby Motocross, Downhill MTB

Daniel Rosborough first started riding at the age of 6 after visiting E-Scape (the UK’s first electric off-road riding center). He became a regular at the center while riding on a Kuberg Cross. He gained experience and training from the ACU instructors who saw him quickly progress in his riding ability. He soon moved up to the X-Force Pro 50.

Daniel soon moved up to the X-Force Pro 50. Although planning to ride just for fun, he was encouraged to take his X-Force to a local MX charity race. There, he lined up in the Auto Class beside the petrol 50cc bikes and immediately caught the racing bug. Daniel was a racing natural and his rapid fire speed quickly catapulted him to the front ranks. In his short time racing, he is currently 3rd overall in his class at the MX Masters Kids 2018.

Daniel’s father praised E-Scape’s support, which made Daniel’s entry into racing much easier than expected. He now looks forward to the rest of the racing season where he plans to improve his skills and take home a victory for the Kuberg Racing Team.

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